Thailand Travel: Sunshine, Seafood And Thai Hospitality

Following on from the Interview with Valerie Wond carried out a couple of weeks ago under the category of ” How Did You Come To Live In Thailand”. Link below for anyone that missed it.

Valerie also agreed to answer some questions on lifestyle in Thailand and today gives her top food and travel choices.

Valerie Wond

Valerie On Thai Food

Trevor: What Are Your 3 Favourite Thai Dishes?

Valerie: My 3 very favourite Thai dishes are not very Thai I’m afraid. I absolutely love steamed crab. It has to be fresh (still alive before plunging into boiling water) and no curry sauce, just plain.

I also like pork spare ribs fried with crispy garlic Thai style.

And lastly I love steamed Tubtim or Red Snapper cooked with lots of lovely vegetables and squeezed with fresh lime juice.

Trevor: If you were hosting a Thai dinner party for friends what dishes would you give them if you were putting it together in a Western format of appetisers, main courses and desserts.

Valerie: If I were hosting a Thai dinner party it would most certainly have to be held on a beach somewhere.

For starters we would enjoy chicken satay with a peanut dip.

Chicken Satay and peanut dip

The main course would be steamed crab, caught the very same day. Served with lots of steamed veggies and plain jasmine rice.

As for dessert…well I don’t actually like Thai desserts as they are too sweet for me, (I am sweet enough). So I would serve an assortment of typical fresh Thai fruits, such as rambutan, mangostene, mango and papaya with lashings of ice cream!

All washed down of course with Leo beer or Hong Thong, ice and soda.

Fresh Thai Fruits

Trevor: Can you give us three of your very favourite eating places in Bangkok?

Valerie: I don’t really have  three favourites as I think if I am invited to someone’s home and they have taken the trouble to cook for me, then that would be it. To experience the warmth and hospitality of Thai people is truly the best feeling for me

Valerie on Travel In Thailand

Trevor: I know your home is in and around the Bangkok area, but what are your three favourite places to visit in Thailand outside of Bangkok?

Valerie: My three favourite places in Thailand? That’s a hard one as there are so many. I also believe that it’s not the place that is special but it’s the people you are there with. That said, I like Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin, and Thung Song in Nakon si thammarat for a real Thailand experience.


Trevor: For visitors to Kanchanaburi in need of a hotel that is comfortable. conveniently located and won’t break the bank then I suggest you take a look at the luxury hotel. The rooms cost approximately 600 baht per night without a fridge and 700 baht per night if a fridge is something you just can’t do without. All in all you are looking at about 12 – 14 Great British Pounds per night.

Contact The Luxury Hotel, Kanchanaburi

The Luxury Hotel can be located at

284/1 Sangchutoe Road, Kanchanaburi, 71000, Thailand

Telephone Number: 034-511168, 516805

For more information on The Luxury Hotel Kanchanaburi and the war cemetery see link below

Hua Hin

Trevor: Once again there ‘s plenty of accommodation and at various budgets in Hua Hin, but Centrally located  is the clean, comfortable and very affordable guest house called Baan Tawee Suk (บ้านทวีสุข).

The guest house is situated at 43/8 Poonsuk Road in Hua Hin that is บ้านทวีสุข 43/8 ถนนพูลสุข อำเภอหัวหิน which is a smaller road off of Dechanuchit Road. I give the address in Thai so that you can show a Taxi driver.

Find out more about Baan Tawee Suk at the link below along with further food, travel and entertainment tips. The post maybe a couple of years old, but after my visit there this year of 2012 the places all remain. You might need to add 100 Baht on to the guesthouse  room. More about prices at the link

Trevor: For visitors arriving in Bangkok, what would you consider were the three places that people simply must visit in and around the area?

Valerie: Visitors coming to my area should be sure to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. You can buy almost anything there and it has a great atmosphere to just sit and relax with a drink of something.

Trevor: Chatuchak weekend market has over 8,000 market stalls and 200,000 visitors clocking in every weekend.Chatuchak market can be found on Kamphaengphet 2 road, Chatuchak,  five minutes walk from Mo Chit station and is open Saturday’s and Sunday’s between 9am – 6pm.

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Valerie: Also, Gecko Bar in Soi Rambuttri, Banglumphu. I got 2 very good teaching positions just by making friends there.

A link to the Gecko Bar Facebook page

Lastly, the rock star Sek Loso will be in my neck of the woods again at the end of the month. One of his last concerts for a while before he takes a well-earned break. Try to go and see him play for that true, Thai, rock ‘n’ roll experience.

Trevor: Valerie, I am beginning to think you have a crush on this rock star and for those that don’t believe me Val will be found daily at the ” Sek Loso fans worldwide facebook page of which she is a proud member. For any Sek fans that don’t know about the group here is a link to the page.

It was certainly the view of Mark Stephens from the Life Design in Hua Hin interview set 2011. Mark said that ”’Most of my favourite Thai songs are sung by one very talented singer/songwriter who is, for me, way ahead of everyone else.  My favourite Thai song ever is “Jai Sang Maa” (“My Heart Ordered It”) by Sek Loso”.

So here is that track and I have to agree it’s a cracking song. I know Valerie will certainly agree.

Trevor: Thanks Valerie for a further insight in to your world of living in Thailand. More soon to come from Val.


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2) Lanta Animal Welfare

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For more information on Thailand


5 thoughts on “Thailand Travel: Sunshine, Seafood And Thai Hospitality

  1. Steamed crab is me favourite,used to sit on the beach having fresh crab cooked for me,right there with spicy fresh cillies sauce!!heaven bluidy heaven..I could eat kilo after kilo of it,no rice or anything else just crab&sauce..we do have one thing in common Val;-)not bad for 2nd part…bring it on khun Trev;-)such a comfort to read stuff like these..

    1. Khun Keown thank you once again. I am intrigued to know who cooked for you non stop on the beach. In my book you had the better job… the eating of the crab. Whisper it quietly though to all the cooks and chefs who love their cooking though. I shall keep attempting to ” bring it on” as you say Khun Keown, but glad you enjoyed it.


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