Thai Natural Herbal Handmade Soap

 It’s time for another ”focus on business in Thailand”. The last time that we did this I talked with the owner of the ”Sailomjoy restaurant in Chiang Mai”. This time we enter the all natural world of Thai handmade herbal soap and talk to the owner Miss Thanyapatr Sittichiracht.

I know friends call you Thanya for short and I hope you don’t mind if I do the same.

Khun Thanya at a recent company event

Khun Thanya comes from the province of Sara buri in central Thailand where her  business is based. Thanya started out at Kasetsart University in Bangkok before working in technical support for a company in Muang Sara Buri, Saraburi, Thailand since 1994. Thanya has traveled extensively and spent longer periods of time in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

To the present and Darachat Natural Spa Soap was founded in July 2012 by the owner Khun Thanyapatr Sittichiracht.

Trevor:  Can you tell us a bit about your products?

Darachat Natural Soap Thailand.Thai Herbal Handmade Soap cold process  ดาราฉัตรไทยแลนด์… สบู่แฮนด์เมด สบู่สมุนไพรไทยธรรมชาติ สุคนธบำบัด

Thanya: Our products are Thai herbal handmade soap which are all natural and true aromatherapy. The product is mild, scented and friendly to your skin. We use the cold process, the melt and pour process and the hot process methods. Darachat natural spa soap Thailand, is based on simple formulations, FREE Paraben and are not tested on animals.

We incorporate a variety of only the highest grade vegetable oils including olive, palm, coconut, rice bean, sunflower, sweet almond and other exotic oils with rich butters. We add in essential oils or high quality fragrance oils,fruit extract, herb grains and natural botanicals to produce soaps with a rich, creamy and luxurious lather.

Trevor: Are Thai herbs a vital ingredient of your handmade soap?

Thanya: We aim to use organic Thai herbs and oils as much as we can to ensure our handmade soap is as natural as possible. We also use Thai herbs and spices to colour our soaps which is how we achieve some of the weird and wonderful effects that many have grown to love. Our products are made on the premises so you can be sure they are truly handmade. We also provide custom design service for export label upon request with generous minimum quantity.

Trevor: What is your future plan for the products and business?

Thanya: To spread the word about the skin and health benefits of Darachat 100 percent natural handmade soaps, firstly nationwide and then worldwide.

Trevor: In a brief summary, can you highlight the main benefits of Darachat Saboo Thailand products?

Thanya: No chemicals  preservatives

No chemical additives

No animal by – products

Are lovingly handmade


Environment friendly

Safe for babies and safe for you

Trevor: How can people get in contact with you?

Thanya: For wholesale and resale prices please contact

Telephone: +66 904312950

Address: Darachat SoapTHAILAND Natural Spa  207/16 Thetsaban Soi 5, Tabkwang, Kaengkoi, Saraburi 18260 Thailand

Photo Gallery Of Darachat Natural Spa Soap Thailand

Further Details for Darachat shop

For more information  on Thai travel and Thai food please visit the Engaging Thailand website for an extensive list of articles.


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