Thai Gourmet Food Blog

Thai Gourmet have moved and that’s official.

Instead of continuing with an ever-increasing concoction of topics on the one blog. I have finally decided to begin the process of separation. Starting by giving Thai Gourmet its own blog.

The New Thai Gourmet Blog

This means that all posts for Thai Gourmet the premier Thai caterers for the south – west of England will now be housed under the blog name of ”Thai Food Cooked In Your Own Home”.

Head Chef Of Thai Gourmet ” Lek ” (Left) With Martin Clunes At A Thai Gourmet Event

You can take a look at the first 3 posts on the blog by clicking on the link below

1) Real Thai Food Cooked In Your Own Home

2) Thai Finger Food And Canapes Cooked In Your Own Home

(and the latest one just done this week)

3) Cook Your Own Thai Green Curry

Clicking on the above link will have you making the finest Thai Chicken Green Curry in no time at all. More importantly it will have you making it properly and with the correct authentic ingredients.

So if you are looking for Thai cooking tips, ideas for parties or are even thinking of giving Thai Gourmet a call some time, then there is no better way to keep in touch. You can sign up to follow the Thai Gourmet blog or keep an eye on the Engaging Thailand Tips posts where I am sure there will be relevantly placed links to Thai Gourmet posts.

It’s Better Than A Restaurant

I know it’s like a needle stuck on an old 45 vinyl record, but I have been beating the Thai home cooked food as opposed to the Thai restaurant drum for some time now. After a recent Thai Gourmet event two weeks ago the gentleman organising the party dropped me an email. I think it’s safe to assume that  he pretty much feels the same.

Dear Trevor,

”A quick note to say a big thank you for a wonderful evening meal. Everyone felt it tasted more like a home cooked food than the usual restaurant food.  I have eaten Thai food in many places (including in Thailand recently) and your food is definitely up  there with the best when it comes to taste and quality. Please give our very best regards to the chef”.

Kind regards,

Just remember whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary,christening, a friendly get-together, office party, director’s meeting, training day, leaving party, reunion, graduation, you name it. Thai Gourmet can do it.

A Reminder Of What Thai Gourmet Do

Popular Sit Down Menus

Tremendously tasty buffet food

The now legendary finger food / canape food known as the ”walk & talk menu”

Engaging Thailand Tips Blog

There will continue to be posts about Thai food on here, but in a more general sense. In fact the majority of Engaging Thailand Tips posts will be primarily food, travel, business and culture related Thailand. However as a secondary introduction some posts will also cover food, travel, business and culture for other Asian countries.

And There’s More

There will then be one final separation process to implement, which I am currently working on. Yes, one more blog to come, but more about that soon. As an old Chinese proverb goes ”Anything great is long in the making” Lao Zi

For more information and articles about food and travel in Thailand

For updates On Thai Gourmet the south-west’s premier Thai caterers


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