Images Of Bangkok: 10 Must See And Do Activities

An often common question is ” I have  excess amount of days to spend in Thailand but, how long should I spend in Bangkok and what can I see and do in Bangkok”

Here are a few ideas that you could slot in to your Bangkok itinerary planner.

1) Lumpini Park 

Located a stone’s throw away from Silom subway station and Sala Daeng sky train is the very impressive Lumphini Park.The park is an escape to peace and tranquillity outside of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok whilst still being in Bangkok. It is also the largest and most popular park in the capital. The park has a very large artificial lake where you can rent out pedal boats and some nice shaded and woodland areas to move out of the sun when required and that is essential. Free exercise machines based around the park as well for the energetic and plenty of quiet spots for the romantic.

2) The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace” or “Wat Phra Kaew”; as this place is the milestone of Bangkok and it combines all the beautiful traditions and Thai arts here. Inside here, you will visit, “Phra Kaew Morakot” or the Emerald Buddha at the throne inside the temple; Phra thinang Jakkri Mahaprasart, this palace was built-in the reign of King Rama V in order to celebrate 150 years anniversary of Bangkok.

3) Wat Arun (Temple Of Dawn) And Wat Pho (Temple Of Reclining Buddha)

Wat Arun  or the temple of dawn was built during the ancient days when Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand, it has a very long history and is one of Thailand’s most outstanding temples.

The temple has a 70 meter spire and when all lit up at night looks fantastic, however to see this great temple in its full glory the best time to view is at sun rise.

The temple opens from 8-30am – 5-30pm and costs 50 baht admission fee. Wat Arun is located on the west (Thonburi) bank of the Chao Phraya River.

4) National Museum

Right next to the Grand Palace sits the National Museum which houses the biggest collection of Thai artefacts in the country. The Museum was opened by King Rama V to display antiques and gifts that had been collected and given to him by his father. It is Thai history right through the Sukothai and the Rattanakosin periods.

You will find a large collection of sculptures, decorative arts, precious stones, wood carvings, fantastic Thai architecture and much more besides.

The museum is open from 09-00 – 16-00 Wednesday to Sunday right next to the Grand Palace.

5) China Town

The place is a haven for food lovers especially in the evening with food vendors and all sorts of street side cuisine, there are Chinese medicine shops and stacks of gold shops, fabric stores and temples with Wat Traimit (temple of the golden Buddha being very popular. The best thing to do in China Town is take your time, wander, see the sights and soak up the atmosphere. Check out the narrow alley ways whilst still keeping an eye on that vehicle getting closer that you think is surely not coming down here is it as there is no room? Yes it is…. Amazing.

6) Take A Tuk – Tuk

If you are in Bangkok of course no trip would be complete without a tuk-tuk ride. These 3 wheeled motorised samlors weave in and out of Bangkok traffic like there is no tomorrow. Generally they leave a mountain of smoke behind them. Even if you only get on one just the once at least you can say that you have been on a Bangkok tuk-tuk. Get a couple of prices for your trip as I have noticed that a few tuk-tuk drivers tend to over charge. So keep an eye out for that. Use your bartering skills and if that doesn’t work then smile and move on to the next one.

7) Tha Chang Back water Boat Trip

Why not finish the day off with a trip out on the Chao Phraya River. Times may have changed now, but the river is still a peaceful and pleasant way to get around. Get away from the hustle and bustle of City life and explore the back waters of Bangkok and river life.

A far cry from traffic jams and inhaling fumes and most of all a great insight in to how people live by the river. Book a boat or a guide and boat and go and explore.

Tha Chang or Chang pier is just across from the Grand palace. You have to walk through the market and right to the back to the pier and this is where bookings can be made also.

8) Life Out of A Bangkok Taxi

Life out of a Bangkok taxi window has to be experienced. It’s a world of activity. So is sitting in a Bangkok traffic jam, but that has to be experienced as well. To be quite honest, if you are on the road in any form of Transport. You will experience it.The taxi driver must negotiate the heavy traffic jams and does so without complaint. He has learnt all the short cuts where traffic might be less, but still he can expect to sit out long periods of the day in traffic jams. I said to him does the traffic not drive you mad and he replied of course it does, it bores me to death , but what can I do. On returning his cab  he hopes that the day has been kind to him on the customer front and with the traffic congestion  and that he has made enough money to pay the rent on his cab, pay towards his own Bangkok accommodation and other living expenses and be able to send money back to the family.

9) You Must Have A Roti Pancake

At the side of the road your eyes will be drawn to a vendor making pancakes. As you look on thinking shall I or shan’t I. Your nose will then come in to play. The smells swing your decision further and further to the I shall position. Vanilla, pineapple and my favourite banana are just a few of the flavours available. Temptation won once again as you make your way down the road nibbling on a delicious (Roti), banana pancake. It is believed to come from India , but the Thais adopted it and then adapted it to the Thai taste. imply delicious…. go on try one.

10) Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak weekend market could quite possibly be re named as shop until you drop market as it’s a paradise for shoppers with over 8,000 market stalls and 200,000 visitors clocking in every weekend.Chatuchak market can be found on Kamphaengphet 2 road, Chatuchak,  five minutes walk from Mo Chit station and is open Saturday’s and Sunday’s between 9am – 6pm.


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