Images Of Chiang Mai And Northern Thailand: 10 Must See And Do Activities

Further to the previous post on An often common question is ” I have  an excess amount of days to spend in Thailand but, how long should I spend in Bangkok and what can I see and do in Bangkok

I have now also put together a few ideas that you could slot in to your Northern Thailand itinerary planner. These feature around the areas of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Lamphun amd Mae Hong Son.

1) Krisdadoi Resort

Krisdadoi is the home of very beautiful botanical gardens and flower parks that cover 20 acres of countryside. Krisdadoi is situated at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level. If you love nature, beauty, peace and tranquility then you will love it here.

2) Doi Inthanon National Park

Take at trip to Doi InthanonThailand’s highest mountain. The park is 1,005 square kilometres and is part of a mountain range that stretches across Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and northern Thailand. The park has some fantastic waterfalls, dense forest, wild birds and plenty of great picnic areas. You can spend a good few hours here combining relaxation and looking around.

3) Sunday Night Market Walking Street

Make sure one of the day’s on your itinerary in Chiang Mai is a Sunday. A massive market is held every Sunday evening around the Thapae gate area called ‘’walking street market’’. The night takes on a carnival like atmosphere with lantern balloons and has some of the most tastiest snacks imaginable and all at ridiculously low prices. It takes about 2 hours to walk around this market.

4) Kantoke Evening

Combine some of the north’s superb cuisine with traditional northern culture and dancing in the form of a ‘’Kantoke’’ show. Yes the shows maybe slightly touristy, but you do get specific northern Thai cuisine and a real feel for the northern culture.

5) Horse & Cart Ride, Lampang

Whilst in Lampang a visit would not be complete without a horse and cart ride around the town. You are taken on quite an enjoyable trek by horse and cart and it’s a great way to see Lampang. Very relaxing.

6) A Northern Food Speciality

A northern speciality is called ” Khao Soy noodles” and I have never had these before so it was time to try them. The result was a massive thumbs up as the staff mixed in the essential condiments to give the true taste. I am sure if left to my own devices to mix in the extras I would have got it horribly wrong and not been so impressed. Anyone who heads north do your self the pleasure of trying this tasty treat. Don’t make the mistake by thinking I will try some of an evening as Khao Soy noodles are a lunch time selling product.

7) Visit Historical Lamphun

Although I am a big fan of the city of Chiang Mai itself you can definitely see on each visit that the place is becoming more and more designed towards tourism, but travel a few kilometers outside of Chiang Mai to Lamphun and avail yourself to ambience, temple ruins and a relatively untouched town.

8) Beautiful Settings At Pang Ung

From the town of Mae Hong Son the next stop should be a trip to Pang Ung. If you are a someone who enjoys nature and tranquility then you have found your haven. Once again make sure you go early in the morning to view the mist clearing before the sun comes up, this is simply stunning. A very romantic setting of natural lakes surrounded by mountains and bamboo houses. This is such a beautiful area.

9) Doi Tung Royal Villa

The Royal Villa was built for the late Princes Mother in the combination styles of Lanna and Swiss chalet.Decorated with beautiful Shan and Lanna antiques. The entire estate is 56,000 square metres of land. At the top of the mountain sits the much revered temple ” Wat Phrathat Doi Tung” and an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding area.Also take a look around the beautiful Mae Fa Luang Botanical Garden with some tremendous flower gardens and hill tribe villages.

10) Wat Rong Khun Temple (วัดร่องขุ่น)

A completely white and very beautiful temple. Is said to have been a life time project for the artist Chalermchai Kositpapat. The temple was designed to be viewed in the moonlight and all the statues and figures are based on religious beliefs. Normally temples are ancient and built a very long time ago, but this one is very recent with construction  starting in 1998.

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