Three Must Try Dishes When Visiting Indonesia

Following on from the first part of an interview I carried out with amateur photographer Syuh Fen on Favourite Indonesian dishes. I can now bring you the second part. In this post Syuh talks about dishes you absolutely must try when visiting Indonesia.

My name is Syuh Fuen. I was born in Bandung, Indonesia and I am a Chinese-Indonesian woman.

I am a big Manchester United’s fan. As you know, Manchester United are very famous here in Indonesia.

Another of my passions is photography. I am in love with it. I learn so much each day as an amateur photographer.  Street Photography and Human Interest Photography are my favourites.

You can have a look at my portfolio on

and http//

Sui 2

Miss Syuh Fen

Trevor: Can you give us three dishes that visitors absolutely must try when in Indonesia?

Syuh: Here are my must try dishes

1.      Gudeg

Gudeg is a traditional food from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia.  Gudeg is made from young Nangka (jack fruit) boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk.  Additional spices include garlic, shallot, candlenut, coriander seed, galangal, bay leaves, and teak leaves.  The latter giving a reddish brown color to the dish.  Gudeg is served with white rice, chicken, hard-boiled egg, tofu and tempe, and a stew made of crisp beef skins ( sambal goreng krecek ).  There are several types of gudeg : dry, wet, Yogyakarta style, Solo style and East- Javanese style.


Gudeg is traditionally associated with Yogyakarta, and Yogyakarta is sometimes nicknamed “ Kota Gudeg” (City of Gudeg.

2.      Nasi Padang

 In Padang food establishments, it is common to eat with one’s hands. They usually provide kobokan, a bowl of tap water with a slice of lime in it to give a fresh scent. This water is used to wash one’s hand before and after eating. If a customer doesn’t wish to eat with bare hands, it is acceptable to ask for a spoon and fork.

The cuisine is usually cooked once per day. In restaurants customers choose from those dishes, which are left on display in high-stacked plates in the windows. During a dine-in hidang (serve) style Padang restaurant, after the customer is seated, he or she doesn’t have to order. The waiter immediately serves the dishes directly to the table, and the table will quickly be set with dozens of small dishes filled with highly flavored foods such as beef rendang, curried fish, stewed greens, chili eggplant, curried beef liver,  fried beef lung, fried chicken, and of course, sambal, the spicy sauces ubiquitous at Indonesian tables.

nasi padang 2

Customers take and pay for only what they want from this array. The best known Padang dish is rendang, a spicy meat stew. Soto Padang (crispy beef in spicy soup) is local residents’ breakfast favorite, meanwhile sate (beef satay in curry sauce served with ketupat) is a treat in the evening.

nasi padang 1

3.  Konro Soup

 Konro is an Indonesian ribs soup originated from Buginese and Makassarese of South Sulawesi. Usually this soup was made with ribs or beef as main ingredient. The soup is brown-black in color and eaten either with ketupat cut in bite size or rice. The spicy and strong tasted soup was made from the mixture of various spices especially coriander and keluwak (Pangium edule) fruit that gave its blackish color.

konro soup 3

Originally konro was usually served as spicy rich soup, however today the new variation of dry konro is available, the konro bakar (grilled konro), similar to grilled ribs marinated and coated in spices typical to konro soup.

Trevor: If you were putting together a meal for friends in the western format of starters, mains and dessert what would that be?

Syuh: If I was hosting a dinner party for friends, especially in Western style, here is the format of Appetizers Main Courses and Desserts


–         Zupa Soup

–          Shrimp with Mayonaisse

–          Vegetable Salad2

 Main Courses

–          Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise

–          Fillet Steak wih Black Pepper Sauce

–          Grilled Corn


–          Fresh Mixed Fruits

–          Chocolate Pudding

Coming Very Soon Part 3

Part 3 turns to travel in Indonesia and Syuh Fen focuses on three must visit places…. Don’t miss it.

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