Indonesia: Three Must Visit Destinations

Following on from the first two parts of an interview I carried out with amateur photographer Syuh Fuen on Favourite Indonesian dishes and  Three must try dishes when visiting Indonesia. I can now bring you the third part.

In this post Syuh turns her attentions to travel and looks at three places to visit in Indonesia outside of her home town.

Introduction To Syuh Fuen

My name is Syuh Fuen. I was born in Bandung, Indonesia and I am a Chinese-Indonesian woman.

I am a big Manchester United’s fan. As you know, Manchester United are very famous here in Indonesia.

Another of my passions is photography. I am in love with it. I learn so much each day as an amateur photographer.  Street Photography and Human Interest Photography are my favourites.

You can have a look at my portfolio on

and http//

siu fen

Syuh Fuen


 Trevor: Can you give us three favourite places to visit in Indonesia outside of Bandung

Syuh: 1.  Bali Island

I love Bali’s island. Yes, Bali has beaches, surfing, diving and resorts great and small, but it’s the essence of Bali.  And the Balinese, that makes it so much more than just a fun in the sun retreat.

This is one of the real heaven on earth.

pura ulundanu bratan

Puraulun Danu Bratan, Bali

Experience a piece of Elizabeth Gilbert’s self discovery journey in Ubud, Bali, as seen in Eat Pray love the movie.

Balinese culture is a unique combination of spirituality, religion, tradition and art. Bali lies between the island of Java and Lombok. It is a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago. For those more culturally inclined, Bali can offer the peace and the tranquility of Ubud high in the hills, the spectacular Mother Temple at besakih, the floating palace at Ujung near the pretty beach area of Candi Dasa. The scenery is nothing less than  spectacular.

bali ceremony

Bali Ceremony

Jungle, picturesque hillside rice terraces and the awesome magnificence of Kintamani Volcano.

2.  Yogyakarta

Who doesn’t know Borobudur Temple? It is one of the Seven Wonders of The World. It is located in Central Java, and approximately 40 kilometres northwest of Yogyakarta. The Borobudur Temple  was built in the 8th and 9th .

borobudur temple 1

Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has a very high culture.  It lies in the southern part of Central Java.

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta

A lot of traditional art and performances can be found with its daily cultural presentations, such as The Ramayana Ballet, Javanese Classical Dance, The Wayang Kulit ( shadow puppet play), and others. Some places in Yogyakarta provide the facilities of learning batik.

Ramayana Ballet

Ramayan Ballet

3.      Bunaken Island

Bunaken is an island of 8 km², part of the Bunaken National Marine Park. Bunaken is located at the northern of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It belongs administratively to the municipality of Manado. Scuba diving attracts many visitors to the island.

bunaken island 4

Bunaken Island

The waters of Bunaken National Marine Park are up to 1,566 m deep in Manado Bay, with temperatures ranging between 27 to 29 °C. It has a high diversity of – corals, fish, echinoderms or sponges. Notably, seven of the eight species of giant clams that occur in the world, occur in Bunaken. It also claims to have seven times more genera of coral than Hawaii, and has more than 70% of all the known fish species of the Indo-Western Pacific.

bunaken island 3

Bunaken Island

Oceanic currents may explain, in part, why Bunaken National Marine Park has such a high level of biodiversity. This is particularly true on the south side of the crescent-shaped Bunaken Island, lying in the heart of the park. A snorkels or diver in the vicinity of Lekuan or Fukui may spot over 33 species of butterfly fish and numerous types of groupers, damsels, wrasses and gobies. The gobies, smallish fish with bulging eyes and modified fins that allow them to attach to hard surfaces, are the most diverse but least known group of fish in the park

BAtik art

Batik Art

Coming Very Soon Part 4

Part 4 continues with the travel theme …. Don’t miss it.

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