Ayutthaya, Thailand: 7 Top Places To Eat


Guest Interview ‘’Ayutthaya In My Mind’’ (Part 3) written by Kasinee Silapee

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kade 1

Kasinee Silapee (nickname Kade)

Recommended Places To eat in Ayutthaya

Chao Phrom Market. This is the most famous local market in Ayutthaya, it offers food, clothing, and day-to-day necessities at a variety of shops and stalls. More for locals, the food is fantastic, good clothing deals can be found. If you want to have a real touch of the local Thai market, you should not miss this place.

Boat noodle, (In front of telephone authority building and (2nd location) opposite Sri Nakharin Park along U-Thong Road.). If you come to Ayutthaya, you should find some chance to try the boat noodle here; original boat noodle was cooked on a boat. It’s noodles and soup with meat and vegetables. They are served in a little bowl and most people would eat more than one to relieve their hunger. It’s only 10 baht per bowl.

Boat Noodle-1

Malakor, this restaurant is located opposite Wat Ratchaburrana. It’s a reasonably priced restaurant with great views of Wat Ratchaburana and very good food. For any vegetarian person, all meat dishes can be substituted with tofu. Eat indoors or on the balcony. Also sells some of Ayutthaya’s best coffee. Reasonable prices and not expensive at all.

Malakor Restarant

krung Kao  Restaurant, a restaurant serves remarkable Thai food, but makes up for it with an excellent location with views of Chao Phraya River  as you eat either in air conditioning, or outdoor seating, as you wish.  Most main courses 50-100 baht.

Pae Krung Kao

Roti Saimai, U-Thong Road and Si Sanphet Road junction (Opposite Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya Hospital). Roti Saimai is a Thai-style candy floss wrapped in a roti – a very popular local dessert.

Roti Saimai -conclude

Vegetarian Restaurant, Khlong Makham Rieng Rd (50 m south of the junction with Naresuan Rd). From early in the morning to 14-00 daily. One of the usual ‘’Thai rahn a-hahn jair’’ vegetarian restaurants. The restaurant has  8 different meals available and side orders including gluten-free at 15-25 baht.

The usual excellent night market fare is also available, ask your guesthouse for the most recent night market locations. At the same time, you may wish to ask some advice on what to order if you don’t speak any Thai.

For Coffee lovers – Kade’s highly recommended

FIRST CAKE BAKERY is a small Bakery and coffee shop at the corner. Pretty cozy, tiny but comfortable. Good bakery including Crepe Cake with strawberry sauce and Chocolate sauce, Oreo Buffey Banoffy, Blue Berry Cheese cake and so on. You will embrace the delights that await you here and I love the cappuccino. It’s located at Panich Nai Road. Drive from Mongkhonborpitre Temple and then drive straight ahead passing Wat Na Phra Main. A couple of blocks from there,  look carefully to the left hand side and you will find this small shop on the corner.

First Cake -Coffee lover

I hope next time that you all come to visit Thailand, you will add Ayutthaya as one of the destinations that you will visit, and I can guarantee that you will love this province the same as I do. If you compare Ayutthaya as a food, it can be compared as a Chef Salad that has everything in one dish! Bon Appétit!

Toffee Baloffee

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