Bangkok: 7 Low – Cost Simple Pleasures You Must Experience

When building your Bangkok itinerary. You might well be asking if there are things to do that don’t always involve breaking the bank. I can tell you that there certainly are. In fact there are plenty, but here are just a few of Bangkok’s simple pleasures.

1)      Have A Noodle And A Beer

Take a break from the hot weather and give your feet a break. Find a small street restaurant and pull up a chair preferably near the road side. Order a noodle of your preference and a cold beer and watch Bangkok life go by without a care in the world.


2)     Just Observing People

Jump in to a taxi in Bangkok and watch life unfold through a taxi window. So much to see, so many people going about their business and so many stories both happy and sad I’ve no doubt. I just don’t want to get out of the taxi as I just love watching Bangkok street life.


3)     Discover And Experience

One of the great joys about Bangkok is the side roads or Soi’s as they are known. It’s great to just explore the Soi’s. In fact it’s great to just explore Bangkok full stop. No map and no concern of where you are heading, just pure discovery. Discovering the character, discovering the people and discovering those delicious side street restaurants or food vendor carts.


4)     Experience The Smiles

Thailand is not called the land of smiles for nothing. What ever time of the day it is, or where ever you are, some one is going to give you a beautiful beaming smile. If you are planning a Thailand Itinerary then allow for plenty of smiles. A smile is surely one of life’s most treasured and simple pleasures? Nobody smiles like the Thais. So put on your best smile and Bangkok and Thailand will smile with you.

sang 2

5)     Relax At Lumpini Park

Located a stones throw away from Silom subway station and Sala Daeng sky train is the very impressive Lumpini Park.The Park has a large artificial lake where you can rent out pedal boats and some nice shaded and woodland areas to move out of the sun when required.


6)     Be Amazed In China Town

China Town is located in the Yaowarat district and is a bustling hive of activity. In my opinion it’s the real Bangkok. The area is best explored on foot as it’s one constant traffic jam. To be honest the whole place has to be experienced to be believed. You will be in amazement at how some of the vehicles get down the narrow alley ways and at how the place constantly thrives with busyness. It’s a must visit. Make sure you stop for a noodle (if you can find a spare seat), to observe more carefully.


7)      Learning The History And Culture

Before rushing to leave the capital and that’s something I wouldn’t do. Make sure you allow time to visit the National Museum. The Museum will give you a fine insight to the history and culture of Thailand. Getting to know a country and it’s people can be a long process, but a good start can be made by a spell at the Bangkok National Museum. It’s located closely with the temples of Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. This is very convenient as it will be worth visiting the lot in one day.


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