Thai Dinner Parties In Your Own Home

For those of you wondering whatever happened to Thai Gourmet (the premier Thai caterers for the south-west of England), well you will be pleased to know that they are still going strong. The Thai catering now has a new home which can be found at the links below.

The site is all about Thai Gourmet parties and the introduction of Thai dishes. Parties and new dishes will be posted weekly so if you are interested in not only the dishes, but the culture and traditions of Thailand as well, then you will enjoy these. On the other side of the coin. If you are looking for a Thai Caterer who has been laying on dinner parties in people’s homes for more than 10 years, then this is for you too. Provided of course that you are within the south-west / south of England area.

Just to keep you up to speed here are some recent party posts and a couple of dish introductions.

1) Thai Food For Special Birthday Occasions In The South-West Of England

”We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for such a glorious meal on Saturday evening – absolutely delicious and a perfect birthday celebration. Such personal service was pure luxury!” Kate & Ian

2) After A Special Birthday Surprise For Her Husband


Emma said ” I will be recommending you to everyone.

Emma’s husband said ”The food was fantastic. We were delighted with the evening and everybody had a lovely time”

Ingredients of Phat Thai noodles and a food proverb. The Thais enjoy a good proverb and this one combines food with relationships
Phat Thai
” We all had a thoroughly enjoyable time and the Thai food was absolutely superb – please do let the chef know it was enjoyed by all”
Regards Mark


Ingredients of sweet and sour plus another proverb combining food with relationships.
Just Remember

Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary,christening, a friendly get-together, office party, director’s meeting, training day, leaving party, reunion, graduation, you name it. Thai Gourmet caterers can do it.

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