Three Favourite Eating Places In Chiang Mai,Thailand

Guest Feature: Utsanee Treeyawarakul

For the final part on Northern Thai food with Utsanee Treeyawarakul I wanted to get a few tips on her favourite eating establishments in Chiang Mai.

Part One saw Utsanee  give us her favourite Northern Thai dishes

Part Two saw Utsanee give us a superb Thai dinner menu that she would serve to invited guests.

Trevor: Can You Give Us Your Full Name Please

My name is Utsanee Treeyawarakul


Trevor: Can You Tell Us Your Line Of Work

Utsanee: I am a middle level manager in a modern trade company. My function is to serve the Board Of Directors responsible for ensuring that a company complies with the SET & SEC Ministry of commerce regulations and maintains standards of corporate governance.

Trevor: Could you give us three of your favourite eating places in Chiang Mai


1)      One of my favourite places to eat in Chiang Mai is Khao Soy Islam.

Khao Soi noodles are immensely popular and a speciality dish here in the North of Thailand. They are really quite delicious and consist of egg noodles with either beef or chicken in a soup like base. Other ingredients consist of Shallot wedges, sweet and spicy pickled cabbage, lime, garlic, turmeric, curry powder and a red chilli sauce. The ingredients may vary as there are several versions of Khao Soi noodles.

The serving of chicken or beef is the same, but the noodles are eggy with very little coconut milk. The Nam Prik Pao or the Chilli jam is made of roasted chillies and salt in oil. This style is based on the Yunnan / Sichuan style.

Details Here


2)      Another of my favourite restaurants in Chiang Mai is Kaeng Ron Ban Suan

This restaurant serves real authentic northern Thai dishes and the food is absolutely delicious. It’s known as Lanna cuisine. The dishes are influenced by a combination of Northern Thailand, Burmese, Indian and Chinese. They do a fantastic ‘’ Gang Hanglay’’.

Details Here

A write up about the restaurant and the type of dishes it serves here.


3)      The last restaurant is called ‘’ The Good view Restaurant’’

This restaurant is quite well known and serving great food and laying on fine entertainment. In fact this restaurant has been going since 1996 and has a wide range of choices including Thai, Japanese, Chinese and European cuisine.  A great venue for bands, singing, dancing and eating. In fact the street on Chareonrat road where the Goodview is located has a few of these types of venues. If you want a livelier setting then this is your restaurant.


Trevor: Thankyou to Utsanee for giving us her favourite eating places in Chiang Mai. I am hoping in the near future to get Utsanee’s travel tips.

For more information and articles about Thailand Please see here

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