A Fantastic English Breakfast In Hua Hin, Thailand

If you visit the Royal sea-side town of Hua Hin on your travels in Thailand then I know a great breakfast spot for you. Even though I love Thai food and that is my preference for lunch and evening meals I do stick with a western breakfast. My usual is two poached eggs on toast as I must have my eggs of a morning.

If like me you enjoy your eggs or a bit of cooked breakfast in the mornings then Malee at Top Marks guest house is the lady to go and see whilst in Hua Hin. She produces the mother of all English breakfasts.


Malee lived in the UK for 7 years before returning to Thailand and certainly perfected the art of cooking an English breakfast and of course her English is brilliant. You will find Malee is a very hard-working, courteous and delightful lady.


Malee’s place is situated right at the end of Poonsuk Road. That is the Poonsuk road end that joins on to Chomsin road. It’s  actually set inside another guest house called Top Marks.



Beware that there was talk of the name changing from Top Marks guest house to something else, due to a change of ownership. So that is possible. However whatever the name of the guest house and whoever it is owned by, you will still always find Malee’s place there and a great breakfast awaiting you. Malee is there from approximately 8-30am – 2-30pm.



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