Korea:Three Easily Reachable Historical Attractions For First Time Visitors

This blog as you all know is predominantly about travel, food and culture within Thailand, but now and again we like to venture outside of Thailand and into other Asian countries. This was done not long ago with the 3 part series on food, travel and culture from Indonesia.

On the blog this week the focus switches to a few introductory and easily reachable attractions for first time visitors to Korea. I welcome my guest this week and will hand over to him to introduce himself.


Hello, my name is Dongho Won.  I was born and live in Korea. I am a freelance photographer here in Korea and have been working many years for various mass media channels focused mainly in the art and travel sectors. I can also say that I love immensely my trips to Thailand (the main topic of this blog of course) and my trips to the UK and Europe. I have in fact through the capacity of my work had the pleasant opportunity to travel extensively around the world.

Please feel free to visit my blog and view my world travel photographs, thank you.


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Dongho Won

Trevor: Could you give us 3 easily reachable attractions for the first time visitors to Korea?

Dongho: The three places that I mention here focus on cultural heritage sites and are certainly all easily reachable attractions. My personal recommended attractions would probably vary slightly, but these attractions are a great place to start for the first time visitor.

1) Jongmyo (종묘, 宗廟)

Jongmyo is a Confucian shrine and a place where memorial services are performed for deceased kings.As you can imagine it’s a massively important historical site in Seoul. It is located in the heart of the Seoul city centre and can be reached very easily by the efficient underground system. Get out at Jongro-3-ga underground station where the orange-coloured line number 3 and lightly purple-coloured line number 5 are intersecting with each other. From there walk straight on for approximately one minute through a small park and you will soon arrive at Jongmyo.

Please refer to the link of its official webpage shown the below for further detailed information in English



And please also refer to the link of my blog posted about Jongmyo



Official webpage of Seoul Metro underground trains in English


2) Tongdosa (통도사, 通度寺)

Tongdosa is the largest as well as one of the finest Buddhist temples of Korea. It is located in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnamdo, in the southeast region of Korea. You can get to the temple by various means of well-maintained public transportation whether from Busan or Ulsan. There are a couple of main public transportation methods to reach Tongdosa and these are…. 

A) This is the easiest way to reach Tongdosa for a first-time visitor. Come out of terminal 3 at Nopodong underground station where the train of orange-coloured line number 1 terminates, then walk to Busan eastern coach station connected from Nopodong underground station. The coach heading for Tongdosa from Busan (eastern coach station), is scheduled to depart every twenty minutes. This runs from six o’clock in the morning until 20:40 in the evening everyday and takes just over an hour to reach the temple.

B) You can get on the KTX, (Korea’s high-speed bullet train), in each of the major cities of Korea. The best bet is to disembark the KTX train at the KTX Ulsan/Tongdosa station. From there come out of the station and get the bus (line number 13), in front of the station. The bus ride to Tongdosa from the station takes approximately just over 30 minutes.


Please refer to the link of the official webpage of Tongdosa in English shown here for further detailed information


And please also refer to the link of my blog posted about Tongdosa as well


Official webpage of Busan underground trains in English :


3) Beomeosa (범어사, 梵魚寺)

Beomeosa is a temple with a very unique character along with a very long and illustrious history. Beomeosa has been termed the holiest site of the region by the Busan locals having been constructed by a monk more than 1300 years ago. It is located on the outskirts of Busan city. You can reach the temple easily by underground. Come out of exit 5 or 7 of the Beomeosa underground station on orange-coloured line number 1 and get on the local bus line 90. The bus takes a steady climb up to the mountain top to Beomeosa where the bus ends it’s service. 

Please refer to the link of the official webpage of Beomeosa in English shown here for further detailed information.



And please also refer to the link of my blog posted about Beomeosa as well




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