A Traditional And Digital illustrator: Art By Ryan Pratt (DontWakeTheNeighbour)

Usually this blog has a Thailand theme running through it and if not a Thai theme then certainly an Asian feel. I have however been trying to morph together the Thailand, Asia and Life Design themes for a while now and today is the first post that is based on Life Design or a subject from that category as opposed to Thailand or Asia.


I was reading a book about a month ago called ” Now Discover Your Strengths ” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton and I was going to give a review on it. It’s all about pinpointing your talents and turning them into strengths. Anyway the review will be for another day as it was a darn good read.However, in the book you are given access to a password to take an on-line test. The test consists of quite a few two choice questions that you must answer quickly and at the end of it your answers reveal your 5 most dominant themes of talent. I took this little test and will reveal the results in the review.

The reason I am telling you about the book and the link of discover your talent is because I have been in awe recently following the work of a talented young lad called Ryan Pratt from Cleethorpes, England. Well to be totally precise borderline Cleethorpes / Grimsby. Ryan is absolutely brilliant at sketching and there will be more on Ryan shortly.

Ryan I.D

Ryan In Work Mode


In child hood our dreams are so strong and we seem to have a clear picture of just who we want to be and what we want to do. But as the responsibilities of life bear down upon us and the daily routine takes its toll, so the picture becomes less clear and our dreams begin to fade.

For me, I remember that all I ever wanted to do was be a footballer. However, I didn’t want to be just any footballer,  I wanted to be just like George Best and I wanted to play for Manchester United.Daily I would dribble around traffic cones and play one, two’s off of the garage wall at home. I would also include the commentary myself in a Hugh Johns voice of ” Georgie Best ” after each time that I scored. In between completing my chores (set by my parents) and doing my homework, my friends and I would play football at school lunch times, after school, in the evenings and at weekends. After two football trial turn downs and that was not at Manchester United by the way the dream started to fade and finally die.

My sights were set high admittedly to play for Manchester United, but the whole point of that little story was the dream was strong then and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Unfortunately for me I was just not quite good enough. So many people go through life without ever knowing exactly what their talents are or what they are good at.

One of the most powerful combinations of course is, if being what you are good at is also your passion. After reading the book ” Now Discover Your Strengths ” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, I came across a young man  online called Ryan Pratt and I began following his brilliant sketches.

Introducing Ryan Pratt

Ryan & Dog  Ryan and Sis

Ryan in family mode with sister Zoё Pratt (right) and puppy Alfie (left)

My guest’s name is Ryan Pratt and his talent is sketching. The more appropriate term would be Ryan is an artist.

I have known Ryan for a while now and have followed his illustrations on the social media circuit with great interest. My interest comes in two parts really. The first part comes from the fact that I have never been able to produce even the most mediocre of sketches and am amazed at those who can excel in this field. The second part comes from my admiration for those of a young age who quickly discover their passions, talents and exactly what they want to do with their lives.

Trevor: I am hoping to be able to interview Ryan in the next few weeks when he is not so busy, but I did ask him what got him started in the world of sketching.

Ryan: I used to write a lot of stories and doodle in class until  one day I became inspired by manga style graphic novels and artists such as Phillip, M, Jackson and Stan Lee. I really love drawing it’s something I have always enjoyed. It’s just what I love to do. I feel good and even more inspired when I receive feedback from people who have enjoyed my illustrations.Someday I hope to make it big as a comic illustrator as there is nothing I love to do more than turn a blank canvas into something I’m proud of.

Besides the illustrations that Ryan does, he also writes all his own story lines. Already we are talking about a year and a half worth of story lines and that would be just great for comic books. Ryan said ” The story line is never-ending really and in general about a power through a pencil that can bring anything to life.

I will hand over to Ryan to explain the story line and show you just a few of his illustrations.

The antagonists’ story


Once the leader of the Sheque race known as Orion, his obsession with purity has driven him to set the task of destroying anything he finds impure in the universe. The Sheque race was crafted by him and his godly powers and born and bred to be his personal army. Billions of soldiers, built over centuries with the soul task of obeying his orders.

Thousands of planets burned, countless civilisations were destroyed and Orion’s life long dream of being the ruler of reality itself was growing nearer. With his staff. (The soul source of his power known as an Opulentia.) He can bring anything his heart desires to life. Drunk on power, Orion drifted towards insanity, knowing nothing can possibly stop him or his dream from becoming a part of reality itself.

Knowing his staffs’ capabilities were limitless, in a moment of madness Orion decided to try and consume its power but it was soon apparent his body was not strong enough. Unable to contain the Opulentias’ power, he was ripped out of his reality and thrown into another dimension, earth. When his body was discovered, scientists experimented on him with the belief that his Sheque DNA could be a breakthrough in medical science.

Vespas Mercy

As his body was trapped in stone, his soul suffered in the fiery depths of Lure for two thousand years, until one day he broke out of his hell and was resurrected as half human, half Sheque. As his captors continue to experiment on his body, he begins to grow an undying hatred for the human race, the only race he once thought to be pure and strong enough to rule.

Consumed by rage, Orion discovers that his Sheque abilities grow stronger as his anger builds. He uses this to eviscerate his prison and destroy anyone who was to gets in his way. Now he goes in search for his Opulentia with the alias of Vespa, knowing that once he gets his staff, he can rule the planet and manipulate the humans to be his army of billions. Knowing his body is now strong enough with human DNA inside of it, he now sets the task of becoming a part of reality itself.

The protagonists’ story


He was once a successful art student with high hopes of becoming a professional cartoonist, Jack had a quiet life with his girlfriend Kia Mika. He was sociable, loved long walks and cherished every moment he spent with his love. Everything was going so well, the night Jack planned to propose to his girlfriend after taking her to the movies they were both struck by a car, driven by a getaway driver who was evading the police after a failed bank robbery attempt.

Jack barely survived but Kia tragically died from her injuries a few days after. Overcome with pain, guilt and rage, Jack locked himself away from everyone, thinking he was responsible for the death of the only person who loved him for who he was. Thinking it was his fault for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Jack became bitter, arrogant and has suffered horrific nightmares ever since. Three years after, nothing much has changed.

Still unable to let go, he continues to do what he loves best. Draw. As it is the only way he can truly express himself and feel happy whilst he’s doing it. He still tries to pursue his career as a cartoonist; he continues to draw his comic. “Survivor Diaries.”

Jacks Wrath

One day after walking home from the doctors after an appointment about his back, he discovers a curious artefact in a dumpster nearby as it seems to glow brighter the closer he gets. When he touches it, the next thing he knows he’s awake in his bed. He passes it off as some weird dream and goes back to work only to realise that he now has the ability to bring anything he draws to life, when two of his characters appear before his eyes. An anthropomorphic wolf who calls himself Rio and a anthropomorphic feline who calls herself Kia.

As time goes on, Jack realised that this new Kia is the splitting image of his deceased girlfriend; her personality is the same and her voice too. Kia has no memory of Jack or anything before she was brought to life. She only has horrific nightmares where she sees the tragic accident from Jack’s perspective. Jack finds it hard to accept Kia into his life as he is still haunted from his past.

Just as Jack is getting over this discovery he is confronted by Vespa, who is hell bent on getting his powers back but in order to do so, Jack must die first, forcing his powers to exit his body and into Vespas’. As Jack fights to stay alive, Vespa begins to target the only being in the world who means something to him. Kia. Jack soon begins to realise that his physical and emotional pain makes him stronger, to the point where he rivals Vespas’ “unbeatable” strength.

As Jack becomes more like a Sheque, he is confronted by difficult choices, put through worlds of physical and mental torture as his body and mind are slowly being ripped apart by his new found power. Jack soon realises that he has to accept his fate to protect the human race from being brainwashed, to stop Vespa from destroying his planet and billions more.

As he is the only being in the universe who can do it.

A Bit More Of Ryan’s Work

Away from the story itself I have added a couple of my favourite sketches that Ryan has done. The first one was his take on the 1970’s calender girl that became a very popular poster. The photo was taken in 1976 and the poster was published as part of a calender for the 1977 Silver jubilee.

Tennis  copy tenis

The Survivors Diary

Day 3

See Ryan’s Gallery At Deviant Art


Connect with Ryan On His DeviantArt Home Page


Visit Ryan’s DontWakeTheNeighbour Facebook Page



8 thoughts on “A Traditional And Digital illustrator: Art By Ryan Pratt (DontWakeTheNeighbour)

  1. He has a very good skill sketch and draw. I always respect to person who have a dream and follow his/her dream, and Ryan is the one that I respected him. I’ll follow his work.

  2. Thank you Bussaba for your kind comment. and I am sure Ryan will be delighted that you like and will follow his work. I agree with you as well, you have to have a dream to go for.

  3. Thank Trevor, please let Ryan know I’m here always support to him and I hope his dream will come true soon.
    Trevor…although your dream in your childhood is not come true but you have a great talent about writing instead a footballer and you are my favorite author of course, and I now look forward to hear revival the result of your test in that book…I hope you would write the review about that book soon.

    1. that’s nice to hear..He will appreciate your support and your kind words. I too will pass on those words….(Ryan’s Father)

  4. Thank you Bussaba and you are too kind on all accounts. Oddly enough the book review of ” Now Discover Your Strengths ” is coming the very next post. Thank you for your support and I shall forward on your kind words to Ryan.

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