Lemon Grass Restaurant In Sukhumvit, Bangkok


I am still working my way through the restaurants that I visited in Bangkok a couple of months ago. There were so many good eating places that I managed to visit with friends that it would be an awful shame not to let you know about them. Before leaving for Bangkok I did get a few tips from my friends both Thai and expat on their favourite eating establishments.


Never Far Away From Food In Thailand

Today’s restaurant choice is a tip from Khun Supathra who runs the excellent group on facebook called  We Love Thailand. Khun Supathra pointed me in the direction of one of her favourite restaurants which is on Sukhumvit Soi 24. The restaurant is called Lemon Grass. Better known according to Khun Supathra as the famous Lemon Grass Restaurant.

Khun Supathra commented that ” The food, decor and service are excellent. It’s amazing value for money and truly authentic Thai food”. So I thought I must give it a try.

I must admit on arrival at the restaurant I instantly recognised the place. I had often walked past the restaurant on many previous visits to Bangkok, but had never actually gone in to eat.

Menu (Photos of the type of dishes had and not the actual dishes)

First Dish

Spring Roll Egg

Fried Spring Rolls with a Crab and egg yolk filling

Poh Pia Kai Daeng


Second Dish


Massaman Chicken Curry

Gang Massaman Gai


Third Dish


Type Of Fish Stew

Lon Plasalite Thot Grop


Fourth Dish

Moo Grop

Fried Pork Chilli

Moo Grop Phat Nam Prik Pow



The food was excellent and the service was very professional with much attention paid to detail. There is a genuine Thai authentic experience accompanied when visiting Lemon Grass Restaurant in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Not only is the food and service excellent, but the decor adds a unique ambiance to the experience. The entrance way has the look and feeling that you are about to enter a secret chamber or another world if you like. On being seated in the restaurant among the unique decor and the charm of the establishment the secret chamber feeling continues.

Further to the excellent food we also had two coffee’s, one Singha beer and one lemonade and the total bill came to just under 1,500 Baht. That’s basically about 15 British pounds per head and includes all the drinks as well. We were actually pushing the boat out trying several dishes, but the bill can be surprisingly friendly for the quality on offer.

So if you want a nice dining experience, somewhere pleasant to eat, good food and service then I would recommend that you give Lemon Grass a try.I really liked this place and would definitely return.


It All Happens On Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok


Lemon Grass Restaurant, Soi 24 Sukhumvit, (Klong Tan District)

7 Days A Week: 11.00 – 2.00 pm / 6.00 – 11.30 pm

Tel No: +66 2 258 8637

A Selection Of Interior And Exterior Photos Of The Restaurant


Things To Do In The Area

Sukhumvit road itself is the longest road in Thailand and there is literally stacks to do in the area. Sukhumvit road is home to parks, markets, malls , restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs. You can also take a walk on the naughtier side of town at the Go-go bars and beer bars of Soi Cowboy and the Nana Entertainment Plaza. Details of everything to do in Sukhumvit road below.



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