Beautiful Thailand Park Life Including Daily Exercise

Thailand is a country with some absolutely wonderful parks and they are a real pleasant experience to visit.

It never seems to matter as to where I go in the country, I am never far away from a superb park

Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat, Nonthaburi

On my recent visit to Bangkok I took the river boat taxi from the Silom area of Saphan Thaksin up to Nonthaburi to visit the temple and park area known as  Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat.  The trip took about 50 minutes and cost a mere 15 baht, which is quite incredible.


Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat is just a little outside of the main town area, but there are taxi’s available and it’s still only a stone throw away. To be honest I would arrange your day so that you are in no hurry as I found the town of Nonthaburi quite enchanting.


It was a throw back to the old day’s of when I used to visit Nakhon Sawan as there would be plenty of rickshaws getting around. In Nonthaburi there were a few rickshaws doing the rounds and the place had a nice authentic feel to it.


Not just quaint shops and stalls, but a cracking little market place as well and of course the usual no end of delightful tasty treats at your disposal. The lots of good things to eat never changes whatever town or city you happen to visit in Thailand.


The Temple and park are situated in a beautiful area with peace and tranquility all around. It really is very beautiful. This park with its old style settings and authenticity was used in King Naresuan The Movie.

Lumpini Park, Bangkok

In Bangkok I called in on probably the best well-known of parks and most visited called Lumpini. Although now it’s probably on most tourists lists I can honestly say it’s where I take my daily exercise when staying in Bangkok.


The park has a free gym that you can use with weights and machine facilities all set up outside. I just pop down with the local Thai weightlifters and have a work out. There is much more to Lumpini than just the exercise though.


If you do like your daily work out then I prefer very early mornings or early evening when the sun is not pounding down. It then becomes a far more comfortable work out.


It’s located just a stones throw away from the Silom subway station and the Sala Daeng sky train.The Park has a large artificial lake where you can rent out pedal boats and some nice shaded and woodland areas to move out of the sun when required.

Suan Luang Rama 1X, Bangkok

Another nice park in Bangkok is Suan Luang Rama 1X public park owned by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration


The park has beautiful Botanic gardens and a reservoir that was built on instruction  by His Majesty The King, in order to help with floods when they occur. The reservoir is also an essential place for water sports.


There is a very beautiful water garden in the park for visitors to view. It was created to imitate a natural bog. There is also the Sanam Rasdara and sport Center complete with a musical pavilion for outdoor staged performances.


There is also superb international garden showing garden styles from around the world including Chinese, Japanese and American. The park is of course a great place as well for exercise, both of the physical and mental type.

Read more about Suan Luang Rama 1X Public Park

Utthayan Sawan Park, Nakhon Sawan (อุทยานสวรรค์)

Utthayan Sawan is a very beautiful and absolutely massive park and I have spent many happy moments there. Whilst in Nakhon Sawan my favourite part of the day is to be in the park by 6-30 am for an early morning work out. Whilst I am getting early morning exercise others are feeding fish in the lake.


On the energetic side of things you can do Aerobic dance, Jogging, Football, Basket ball, volley ball and the Thai game called Ta- kraew. The sport of Ta-kraew is a clever game where Thais play keepy up with a ratten woven ball over a net. This is actually very skillful and I love watching it.


For mind-body and soul there is Tai Chi for health benefits and finally if you are hungry take a stroll around the snack places in the park or the vendors sat just outside the entrance points to the park. A fine place to spend some time.


You can combine the romantic with nature and  take a wander around the rose gardens, waterfalls, fountains, lawns, gardens  ambling along at your own pace. When feeling tired stretch out  and take a nap on the bank in the shade….. Ahhhh the simple pleasures of life and far from worries.

The world is your oyster here and it’s a very relaxing start to the day. I usually take up the cross trainer machine directly in front of the lake and just watch lake life as it unfolds. What could be more peaceful and tranquil than this.

More About Parks

From normal parks to National parks and the blog of Kevin Cummings at Thailand Footprint. This is a tremendous blog with a blend of subjects including Thailand, books and reading, quotes, philosophy. In fact its a multitude of fascinating topics. In this post Kevin looks at one of his favourite pastimes that of visiting superb parks.

Kevin also talks of the book ” National Parks Of Thailand ” by Dennis Gray, Collin Piprell and Mark Graham and the quest of finding a copy. Anyway you may be saying to yourself is that the same Collin Piprell that wrote Kicking Dogs, Yawn and bangkok knights? It certainly is. Only on this occasion Collin assists with the researching of Thailand’s National Parks.

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