Delicious Thai Food In Your Own Own Home: Thai Gourmet South West Of England

Head Chef Khun Lek

Based in the south-west of England Thai Gourmet continue to bring Authentic Thai food to your home or business event. Our specialist team will cook and serve a delicious meal for you in your own kitchen or business event using genuine Thai ingredients.

These are completely updated menus from Thai Gourmet. Some of our menus have under gone name changes and some are completely new menus.The menus are listed under three categories of Sit down dinner, buffet and finger food events. Please see the menus under the category that best suits your occasion.


When the menu choice is selected all we then need to know is how many people in total will be attending, what time you would like to eat and an address and postal code where the event will be held. As soon as we know what time you would like to eat we will then let you know what time we will need to arrive prior to eating time in order to prepare.

So whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary, christening, a friendly get-together, office party, director’s meeting, training day, leaving party, reunion, graduation, you name it and Thai Gourmet can do it.

The Sit Down Dinner Menu Category


The Chef’s Super Special Menu

The Chef’s Own Menu (on the same page as above menu)

The Irresistible Thai Menu

The Royal Thai Gourmet Menu

The Memorable Thai Menu

The Buffet Food Category


The Popular Buffet Menu

The Finger Food Category

The Walk & Talk Menu

The Walk & Talk Special Menu

If you would like to book either one of these menus for your event or require further information then please telephone or e-mail Thai Gourmet if your event is in the south-west of England.

Telephone: 01935-473089


Please note that you will now be able to follow all Thai Gourmet parties and comments on The Thai Gourmet Blog

And on our Thai Gourmet Facebook Page


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