Bangkok’s Oldest Bar And Nightclub

In this post I take a look at Bangkok’s oldest bar and nightclub that was first established back in 1957. It was originally known as the Copacabana, but now named Check Inn 99 or often written as Checkinn99.


Photograph by Alasdair McLeod

It’s a place rich in history with fascinating stories and featured in a recently published book called ” Bangkok Beat ” by Kevin Cummings. Furthermore the beat still goes on down at Check Inn 99 on lower Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok.

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Photograph by Alasdair McLeod

Drop in to have a drink and listen to some quality live music – you’ll be glad you did.

Featured in the post

A look at…….

  • Sunday Jazz
  • The evening house band that knock out the beat
  • Food and drink
  • How to get there
  • A special look at the book ” Bangkok Beat ” by Kevin Cummings
  • Superb photographs by Alasdair McLeod

All in this post: The Beat Goes On At Check Inn 99


  Photograph by Alasdair McLeod

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