Essays From Christopher G. Moore


The blog post this week takes a look at the latest book of essays from Christopher G. Moore called ” The Age of Dis-Consent ” and I select a handful of my favourites.

This is now book number four of essays in the series and the essays touch on a number of subjects. The topics include; political issues, law enforcement, language and cultural mindset that feature under the Thailand category of essays. There’s a look at violence, systems and the boundary lines of our lives. A look at the way crime is tackled and crime investigating in an ever-changing world. He delves into the fascinating subject of time, examines the topic of information and our sources for retrieving it. Finally, we are taken in to the world of writing and authors.

The four books of essays in the series include ” The Cultural Detective,” ” Faking It In Bangkok,” ” Fear And Loathing In Bangkok and the latest ”The Age of Dis – Consent.”

I am pleased to say that I have all four books.

Read my review of the latest book below.

The Age of Dis-Consent


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