Thais That Live Abroad

For a long time now, observing and studying Thai culture has been a keen interest of mine. In fact, observing and studying cultural differences full stop is a fascinating subject.


Photo by blue flower – Panadda (ปนัดดา)

Foreigners, (moving to or spending longer periods of time in Thailand), adjusting to Thai culture, I have witnessed on many occasions. Some make the transition more successfully than others and some just can’t adapt at all. Although thoroughly intriguing, I wanted to look at Thai culture from another angle. I wanted to know how Thai people leaving the Kingdom of Thailand for international pastures new found the transition process.

This is a new theme added to the blog that’s called ” Thais Abroad.” My first guest is a lady that moved from Ubon Ratchathani in the north-east of Thailand to Venice, Italy 19 years ago.

Read The Full Post Below


Thais Abroad: From Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand to Venice, Italy



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