Thais That Live Abroad: Interview Two

In this post I continue with the theme of Thais Abroad and on this occasion talk with a lady who left Rayong in Thailand to live in Sarajevo, The move to Sarajevo was via living in quite a few other countries though.

Sara 2

This interview brought up some interesting cultural differences, but the life story as such was even more intriguing. Lek has had to culturally adjust many times and in places that have had great problems from wars. An amazingly interesting life and a life of giving help, friendship and kindness to people. From being at the camp where the Killing Fields movie was made and then via Somalia, the Ivory Coast , Liberia, Sierra Leone and eventually Bosnia.These are just a few of the areas she has assisted in. Kindness is a typical Thai trait and she has that in abundance.You tend to wish there were more people like her in the world.

Read The Full Interview Here

Thais Abroad: From Rayong, Thailand to Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina


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