The essence of Life and Travel by Design

Today’s post takes a look at a few important issues in the areas of time, travel, bucket lists and doing the important stuff. It’s a look at life and travel by design as it were.

Khun Mintra

There are various quotes including this part quote from Mark Stephens on a travel philosophy.

”It was all about discovering places of beauty, meeting people from all nations around the world (in the early 1990′s that was still a novelty), learning about local culture, living cheaply and simply from day-to-day, not worrying too much about what the next day would bring. living in the moment, enjoyment, writing the journal, playing music…. it just feels like living…. while all the suckers back at home worked in their 9-5  for…. money, car, house, things. Which didn’t matter at all. Travelling, you didn’t even know what day it was, let alone what time it was 9 or 5.”

Read the full post here


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