Engaging Cambodia

This post is somewhat of a different nature for me, but came about because of a sequence of coincidental events involving Cambodia and those events are documented within the post.

Cam 3

Photograph by John Fengler

The post is a Cambodian mix that previews a forthcoming documentary called Camp 32. The music of Phnom Penh based band Krom. Memories of the holding centre Khao-I-Dang and books of fiction from Cambodia. Furthermore, there are lots of links to quality excerpts. interviews, songs and other articles.

I started this post as a bit of a learning exercise for myself. To take a step back in time and learn a bit about something I knew very little about. There’s no doubt that the post was outside of my normal comfort zone. However, with the help of some brilliant guests, I was able to take a back seat.

Post in full here




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