Cultural Adjustment: Tell Me About It

A new theme on the blog that observes world culture – if you like, but always starts in Thailand. It’s mainly a light-hearted look at ” difference.” An idea of what you’ll find in this post…


1) Thai Proverb
2) Ben & Waan – He’s Typically English And She’s Typically Thai
3) I Wish To Register A Complaint
4) Canada: ” Tell Me About It ”
5) We Don’t Smoke Marijuana in Muskogee

Adjusting to a different culture can be both invigorating and frustrating at different stages of the process, but never dull. Canada for instance is a place where English is spoken so adjustment here surely isn’t going to take a lot…. you would think. To be perfectly honest, comparing Canada with the United Kingdom is like comparing chalk with cheese. You could probably use an expression that’s popular in Thailand to describe the comparison ” same same but different.” Let’s continue with Canada and introduce music as the cultural adjustment topic.

The Post In Full

Cultural Observations: I Wish To Register A Complaint


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