Heading East


I’ll be taking a 6 week break from the blog and heading east to Thailand. It might be a bit quiet here for a while.

There will be highlights of the trip on my return. I prefer to actually live the trip first instead of blogging about it at the same time. I’ve written a little verse to explain this called ” Time to Disappear.”

Time to Disappear

The time has come to take a break ,
I’ve booked a cabin near a lake.

But no photos will there be to see,
from my lunch time plate of green curry.

I travel free from technology,
no android, iphone or blackberry.

But if internet cafe’s still exist,
I’ll pop online to see what I’ve missed.

I’ve got 5 weeks of sheer elation,
but it’s a lifestyle, a wander, I’m anti vacation.

I’ve booked one night in Amsterdam,
the rest of the time I’m in Siam.

Pray tell me where’s this cabin you stay,
I’m sorry but I dare not say.

But from that cabin you can see for miles,
ahh, welcome to the land of smiles.

Catch you all soon or more like closer to June…. Thailand awaits

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