My name is Trevor a British national who splits time between England and Thailand. This blog has been set up to work in tandem with my website www.engagingthailand.com and to assist you with information , products and services concerning Thailand as well as other eastern products and services within Thailand. As a researcher on Thai life, eastern lifestyle, Thai culture and a continued student of  the Thai language I will attempt to point you in the direction of those things that are typically Thai. Most of the content will be in the form of reviews, guides, interviews and tip based articles as a result of my wanders, experiences and my information seeking nature.

Here is a brief run down of some of the subjects you can expect to find on this blog

Thai Food (In my opinion the most delicious cuisine in the world and we check out the best little places in Thailand to enjoy it)

Thai Gourmet Caterers (We will be receiving advice and tips for cooking your own Thai food from top Thai chef Khun Prathuan nickname Lek who is the owner of the premier caterers in the south west of England Thai Gourmet. Khun Prathuan also gives us an inside view of some Thai Gourmet events)

Engaging Thailand Tours (Talking about the various tours offered by Engaging Thailand and the flexible way they are ran to suit your convenience)

Health And Wellness (Includes reviews of those to die for rejuvenating Thai spas that are simply bliss for the mind, body and soul and more wanderings to find the natural health and wellness secrets from Thailand and the east)

Thai Culture (A look at Thai life, Thai language and all things traditionally and typically Thai)

Living Or spending Longer Periods Of Time In Thailand (Views, interviews and advice from long term residing expats for those thinking of going to live, whether full time or for so many months of the year)

Thai – Foreign Relationships (How to interact for better working and business relationships and on the romantic relationship front we look at Thai – Foreign relationships especially British – Thai and asses the successes and failiures)

A Guide To Travel, Attractions and Accommodation (My wanderings, musings and tips like those lovely guesthouses owned and ran by pleasant and welcoming Thai families, those not to be missed attractions, staying safe on your travels in Thailand and anything else Thai)

I hope to receive your comments or answer any questions that you may have.


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