Mini Breaks: Spending More Time In Thailand

I am sure you all know Keown Wangwan from the excellent work she has already contributed to this blog.This time Keown has come to talk about her mini breaks back in Thailand and how she intends on spending longer periods of time back in Thailand on a yearly basis.The post is actually based on lifestyle design and the art of designing life the way you want to live it. Continue reading Mini Breaks: Spending More Time In Thailand

Travel To Explore And Discover

In issue 4 of the Engaging Thailand newsletter. 1) Travel proverbs, 2) How to afford two month vacations by Rolf Potts, 3) My top 6 travel tips, 4) Looking West: Travel to explore, 5) Out and about in Nakhon Sawan, 6) Learn to read and write Thai, 7) Thailand travel tips, 8) Guest Interview on food and travel with Khun Kitiya from Udon Thani and recommended Products. Continue reading Travel To Explore And Discover

Design Your Own Life

Welcome to Issue 3 of the newsletter from Engaging Thailand called ”Lashings Of Green Tea With Bide And Friends” In today’s issue the main theme is
about ‘ Life Design Choices”. We have top quotations and guest article,a quality recommended book, my take on deciding what your passions are, a tale from the east, Thai conversation, travel tips from Bangkok, a top guest interview on the simple life in Thailand. How can I get this newsletter, just sign up to the blog and its free. Continue reading Design Your Own Life