Vincent Calvino in CrackDown

Crackdown is a superb novel and a wonderful read. It’s another novel from the Vincent Calvino series. To date there are now 15 Vincent Calvino crime novels. Continue reading Vincent Calvino in CrackDown


Escape For Creativity And Free Me From Distraction

So, when at home, can you create? Well, of course you can, but I find you need to pull out all of the stops in order to do it. I built an office / study off of my house and to the back of the house, just so I never hear the front door bell ring. Not only that, but nobody can ever see my study or know where I am. Continue reading Escape For Creativity And Free Me From Distraction

Bangkok Noir Edited By Christopher G. Moore: A Walk On The Darker Side of Bangkok

Not only is Bangkok Noir short stories, but you have 12 different internationally known Thai and Western authors who each pen a story. Some of the authors I knew of and some I did not. The authors I did know produced the usual quality that they are renowned for. As for the authors I did not know, it left me wondering just what else I had missed as they were all excellent. The thing I loved the most about the book was the different writing styles of the authors. Continue reading Bangkok Noir Edited By Christopher G. Moore: A Walk On The Darker Side of Bangkok

Design Your Own Life

Welcome to Issue 3 of the newsletter from Engaging Thailand called ”Lashings Of Green Tea With Bide And Friends” In today’s issue the main theme is
about ‘ Life Design Choices”. We have top quotations and guest article,a quality recommended book, my take on deciding what your passions are, a tale from the east, Thai conversation, travel tips from Bangkok, a top guest interview on the simple life in Thailand. How can I get this newsletter, just sign up to the blog and its free. Continue reading Design Your Own Life

Thailand And Asian Fiction

Are you looking for decent novels to read set in Thailand and other Asian locations? Then the search stops here in the form of authors Christopher G. Moore, J.F. Gump, Stephen Leather, Collin Piprell, Timothy Hallinan, Susan Fulop Kepner and links to many more. Some of the areas finest writers who have published some very fine novels and short stories over the years. Continue reading Thailand And Asian Fiction