About This Blog

My name is Trevor Bide and having spent time in Asia and mostly Thailand off and on for many years now, I have a deep affection for the area. Now, splitting time between Thailand and my native land of England I enjoy continued life learning the  from both east and west.

This learning comes from both experiences and from reading and the spark if you like is from asking the important questions. It is said that the quality of our lives is governed by the quality of questions we ask ourselves. This blog is all about asking better questions to receive better answers and the answers are collected from many wise people from both east and west.

It’s about life design and creating a life that’s totally authentic to you. It’s about finding and doing the important stuff that you value and it’s about searching out your likes and passions and filling life with as much joy as possible. Essentially, it’s about designing your ideal day’s and life.


As one of my favourite business philosopher and motivational speakers the late and great Jim Rohn said:

”If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they may have planned for you? Not much” – The Treasury Of Quotes by Jim Rohn

This blog is morphed together into three main interest areas and provides specific information which comes in the form of great books, experiences and wonderful people.

Part One

1) The first part is devoted to ideas and information for life design and sets out to ask the important questions. The answers are in the form of essay’s, relevant book excerpts and inside information from east and west. The type of subjects covered include health & wellness continued learning, free up your life and self discovery, besides other topics.

Part Two

2) The second part focuses on travel in Thailand and Asia, but essentially to do with Thailand. The intention is to dig out the great places to go in Thailand, those great little restaurants, great services and things to see and do that still encapsulate the real Thailand.

There is also a big section devoted to those wanting to move to Thailand for longer periods of time and we highlight the choices available and talk to the people already living the dream.

Part Three

3) The third part concentrates on Thai and Asian fiction, especially the fiction of Thailand. In this area we look at a few book reviews and put together essays featuring excerpts from the excellent writers who write both in and about Thailand and Asia.


Along with the general format of postings laid out above will be some great interviews and relevant articles from guest writers.

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell this blog is all about search and find and I will be tracking down the great questions and the great answers. I will be tracking these down in the fields of life design, travel in Thailand & Asia and reading for the soul through Asian fiction. This will arrive in the form of  great books from east and west, some very fine and interesting people and some very useful information. I hope you will enjoy.



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